January 27, 2023

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Trade rumors: Lakers, Pacers, Vanderbilt, Durant, Knicks

Trade rumors: Lakers, Pacers, Vanderbilt, Durant, Knicks

conversations between Lakers And the Pacers About trade that would include Russell WestbrookAnd the Friends HieldAnd the Miles Turnerand that other assets are currently dead, source told Bob Kravitz of The Athletic (Twitter link). Kravitz adds that those discussions could reignite if the Lakers add another first-round pick to their show, but he says they are currently off.

Kravitz’s wording suggests that L.A. is only willing to attach one of the first tradable rounds (2027 and 2029) to Westbrook in exchange for Hield and Turner, so it’s no surprise that the Pacers aren’t interested.

as such We noticed earlier this weekIf the Lakers want to try to get only one Hield or Turner, there are ways to build a deal using Taleen Horton Tucker ($10.26 million) and Kendrick Nan ($5.25 million) in place of Westbrook’s expired $47 million deal for outgoing salary purposes. But getting both Pacers veterans would mean including Westbrook and would require a wealth of experimental assets.

Here are some other rumors and commercial notes from around the NBA:

  • Jake Fisher of The Bleacher Report, who suggested last week who – which Jared Vanderbilt Attracts commercial interests, on The last episode of his podcast Dubbed “a lot of difference” name Jazz About the 23-year-old striker. “I don’t know the number. I don’t have any specific teams I’ve heard of,Fisher said, per hoops. “But (I heard) last time, he was the guy who gets the most calls, the most calls coming in from all of the (jazz) players.”
  • Given that no team is willing to meet Networks“The sky’s high price Kevin DurantESPN’s Brian Windhurst said on NBA Today Thursday (video link) that he is waiting for one of two things to happen: Brooklyn to lower that asking price, or for Durant to be withdrawn from the trade market. Windhurst adds that there was no indication that any of these moves were imminent.
  • Such as nicks Follow up is possible Donovan Mitchell Dealing, it is important that they think about the pieces that will be left, he writes Fred Katz from Athletic. Besides not wanting to sacrifice many players who could play alongside Mitchell, the Knicks will also want to hold enough assets to be able to trade for another superstar in a couple of years, because Mitchell alone wouldn’t make them a title contender, Katz says.
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