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Google announces a new system that allows Bluetooth headphones to switch the audio source according to context. The functionality is currently only available for Pixel Buds Pro with Android smartphones and tablets.

The principle is based on Quick pairing technology As Bluetooth devices can be linked to source devices more quickly. With the new crossover technology, wireless earbuds should dynamically react to certain forms of input and automatically pair with a priority device. google writes: “Suppose you are watching a video on your tablet. (…) When you receive a call, the headphones automatically switch to the input from your smartphone.”

The company assures that users remain in control when switching audio sources. For example, a notification appears on the active device, after which the user can switch to another device with the press of a button. Once you switch, there is a notification to turn back on again. Scenarios that trigger a related notification can also be set. The user can set the priority of different audio formats. For example, Google has categorized sounds under media, incoming calls, and other notifications.

The technology is tentatively available for Pixel Buds Pro headphones and will come to select headphones from Sony and JBL “in the coming weeks”. Google hasn’t mentioned any concrete models yet. The feature also works with devices that support multipoint connectivity, allowing a pair of headphones or headphones to be connected permanently to two devices and switch between multiple inputs.

At the moment, switching inputs can only be done on Android devices, which may have something to do with Fast Pair compatibility. Later, on the other hand, the switch functionality should also come to other platforms. Also in this case, Google doesn’t mention any concrete examples.

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