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Will the violent Gaza protests in the US cause problems for President Biden’s election? ‘We’re totally over it’

President Joe Biden is losing a lot of support within his own party. The war in Gaza is leading to massive demonstrations across the country, mainly with progressive Democrats making themselves heard. It could hurt Biden’s re-election. When President Joe Biden campaigns, a visit to Scranton, Pennsylvania is a regular feature. Above all, it symbolizes […]

Anti-Israel protests at American universities are becoming increasingly violent

NOS news•Wednesday April 24, 03:31•Edited Wed Apr 24, 04:44 Lily Sophie Maigret Editor’s Bureau Washington Lily Sophie Maigret Editor’s Bureau Washington Protests at universities across the US have been ongoing for months against the Biden administration’s policies on Israel and Gaza. The protests are intensifying as the humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to worsen. Students […]

Getter is giving up Western Europe and America Good Officially Confirms: The Flash Delivery Company is withdrawing from the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The grocery service will now focus on Turkey’s home market. You can still order It is It was in the air for a whileBut now it’s confirmed: Getir folds again and Exiting all remaining […]

US attacks China by raising import tariffs

economy•May 14 ’24 at 12:15Author of the book: ANB The US is raising tariffs on many Chinese imports. In total, $18 billion worth of imports from China are subject to higher tariffs. The White House said the higher tariffs would mainly target strategic sectors such as electric cars, chips, batteries, steel and critical minerals. The […]

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