Dutch IT Channel – US pressures Netherlands to further restrict chip machine exports to China

This is reported by Reuters based on sources. A US government official recently discussed the matter with the Dutch and Japanese governments. The Americans want to create a deal that ends in 2023 aimed at keeping advanced chip machines out of China’s hands. The Americans fear that this will allow the Chinese to modernize their military.

Exports of 23 types of chip machines to China were previously banned. This includes regulation of deep ultraviolet (DUV) chip machines for China. ASML’s machines have American components, which means that the United States (US) can influence them. Now the country is adding 11 companies to the list that companies like ASML are not allowed to supply. The list currently includes five Chinese parties, including China’s largest chipmaker SMIC.

Terminate current contracts

The Americans have long wanted ASML to terminate existing contracts with Chinese parties. These relate, inter alia, to the maintenance and setup of chip machines. However, Reuters reports that these deals are still ongoing. The Dutch government says it cannot control it

A Dutch foreign ministry spokeswoman confirmed to Reuters that a discussion between the United States and the Netherlands took place earlier this week on export policy and security. A spokeswoman for the US Commerce Department declined to comment. There is more information Here Available.

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