Queen Maxima’s Fashion in America

Queen Maxima's Fashion in America

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were on a working visit to the United States this week. During this four-day trip, Maxima wore many of the clothes she had worn before, but many new clothes were also seen. Watch out!


The royal couple will arrive in America on Sunday evening. As Willem-Alexander and Maxima walk down the flight of stairs, we see the queen wearing a pink pantsuit by Glaze Iverson. He previously visited the Wadden Islands in 2023 during a regional visit and Brazil to the UN. Wore this dress while travelling.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima arrive in Atlanta.


King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima in Texel, May 2023.

Day 1 – Atlanta

On the first day, Queen Máxima appeared completely red. She previously wore a cape dress by fashion house Natan during a state visit to Austria. The hairdo is also not new, we saw it for the first time on Budget Day 2002.


Queen Maxima wears a red dress by Nathan.

Maxima's State visit to Austria

Queen Maxima of Austria wears a red cape dress by Natan.

In the evening the Rani again wears a dress well known to the nation. A light blouse and skirt had been hanging in her closet for a while. She had already worn the blouse during an introductory visit to Sweden in 2013. The skirt has been featured several times and has been in use since 2019.


Queen Máxima wears a dress well known by Natan.


Queen Maxima at Keukenhof, 2021.

Day 2 – Savannah

On the second day of the sun, the royal couple are in the savannah. The Queen shines in a white dress from Maxima Dior, which was first seen during a state visit to Italy in 2017. In the evening Rani chooses a new dress from Nathan, with ostrich feathers on the sleeves.


Queen Máxima wears a white dress from Dior.

Queen Maxima-White dress-State visit-Italy

Official visit to Italy in 2017.

Day 3 – Albany

The third day takes place in Albany, where Queen Maxima appears in a yellow dress with a matching hat. This dress is Nathan’s design and was worn once during a visit to Sabah Island in 2017. In the afternoon Maxima wears another outfit from Nathan that she has worn many times since 2018. Later in the day, the Queen surprises with a new dress designed by a Belgian fashion house.


Queen Maxima wears Nathan’s yellow dress.


Queen Maxima in Sabah, 2017.


Queen Maxima wears a light dress by Nathan.

Working America

The royal couple at the home of Governor Kathy Hochul.

Day 4 – New York City

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima ended their visit in New York City. There the queen wears a new dress and a matching dark green hat. Máxima changes clothes for a final interview with the Dutch press. She wears a bright colored new dress by Carolina Herrera for the event.


Queen Máxima wears a light design with a matching hat.


Queen Máxima wears a brightly colored dress by Carolina Herrera.

Image: ANB

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