Putin wants to fight against America along with North Korea

Putin wants to fight against America along with North Korea
InternationalJun 18 ’24 at 15:02Author of the book: PNR Web Editorial

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to deepen trade and security ties with North Korea ahead of a visit by his North Korean neighbor Kim Jong-un. Putin has openly supported North Korea in its fight against the US.

Ahead of his visit to North Korea, Putin openly expressed support for North Korea in its fight against the United States. (ANP/Associated Press)

The question is what agreements Putin will make with the North Korean leader during his visit these days. The United States and its Western allies are particularly interested in this, especially in light of the fact that North Korea is the only country this century to have tested nuclear weapons.

Putin has already praised North Korea’s attitude toward the United States, resisting US economic pressure, intimidation and threats. The UN has pressed for monitoring of economic sanctions against North Korea.


In an article published by North Korean state media, Putin praised “comrade” Kim and pledged to “jointly oppose illegal unilateral restrictions” to improve trade and strengthen security across Eurasia. In an article printed on the front page of North Korean Workers’ Party mouthpiece Rodong Sinmun, Putin said “Washington refuses to implement previously reached agreements and continues to impose new, increasingly harsh and clearly unacceptable demands.”

Putin emphasized that Russia has always and will continue to support the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the valiant Korean people in their resistance against a treacherous, dangerous and aggressive enemy.

Military support

Putin’s statements show once again that Russia is moving further east. It is already known that North Korea is helping Russia with weapons in the Ukraine battlefield. The visit will also focus on military support.

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