OVT – Listen to Hour 1: Soccer and the German Flag, America as a Christian Nation, Susanna Johnson’s column, Minderman, Bart Funnekotter’s books, 16-06-2024. | Podcasts

(01:55) In Germany, where this year’s European Championships are taking place, there is a tradition of debate about how much flag display is appropriate at each football match. According to Lawrence Bluekens, the tension about this this year may be higher than it has been in decades. He is a guest.

(13:14) The ideology of Christian nationalism, which claims that America is essentially a Christian nation, has gained influence in recent years. But where did this idea of ​​America being the chosen nation really come from? His guest on this occasion was historian James Kennedy.

(26:49) This week’s column is by Susannah Johnson.

(30:25) Someone with balls is tough and strong and won’t let anyone walk all over them. Attributes attributed to balls are usually associated with masculinity. Jesse Beintjes wrote the book Minderman, published this week, and is a guest.

(42:31) Bart Funnekotter discusses 3 historical books:

– Nick Van Saas – Turning Century

– Patrick Joyce (trans. Rob Kuytenbruwen and Frank Legens) – Peasant Culture

– Cassia St. Clair (trans. Annemie de Vries) – From Beijing to Paris

More information: https://www.vpro.nl/programmas/ovt/ Luister/afleveringen/2024/16-06-2024.html

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