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Economic recovery for US aviation

U.S. airlines expected a “catastrophic disruption” to air traffic on Wednesday. A day later, only a few flights were temporarily canceled, and some flights were delayed. The launch of Mobile Broadband Internet (5G) in the United States this week will cause major problems for aviation. Major US airlines warned. Radio signals from the new 5G […]

India opens market for US pork

India opens market for pork and pork products from US. This removes the long-standing barrier to American agribusiness. The market opened as a result of the US-India Trade Policy Forum held in New Delhi on November 2021. This development marks the culmination of nearly two decades of work to gain market access for American pork […]

US weapons go to Ukraine via Baltic states

ANP Products | Source: ANP Today at 07:06 Washington Several sources told Reuters that the US State Department had authorized the shipment of US-made missiles and other weapons to Ukraine to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This also applies to Great Britain, but the ministry confirms the exchange, saying it could not say which weapons were […]

The war for US election laws is getting tougher: ‘Last chance to save democracy’

The heated debate on the foundations of American democracy begins tomorrow in the US Senate. Republicans are changing local election laws across the country. And the Democrats who see this as undermining democracy. The purpose of the debate is ‘fair election’, but the two parties represent something completely different. Democrats have proposed two new laws […]

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