The United States and South Korea provide corona aid to North Korea

The United States and South Korea provide corona aid to North Korea

The United States and South Korea have offered to help North Korea. The country is suffering from the biggest corona impact. Today, another 220,000 North Koreans are registered with corona symptoms.

US President Biden and South Korean President Yoon have agreed to provide assistance to North Korea. “We are ready to work with the international community to fight the North Korean virus,” it said in a joint statement. According to Biden, the United States has already provided vaccines, but has not yet received a response.

A week ago Two years after the outbreak, North Korea first recorded a corona death. In the last five days, there have been an average of 200,000 new cases with corona complaints such as the flu. It is not possible to determine whether they are actually affected; North Korea conducted almost no test. Also, it is rare for anyone in the country to be vaccinated.

Biden did not deny meeting Kim

The agreement between the two leaders was made in South Korea, where President Yoon is now in office. They also said they were considering more military exercises in response to several missile tests by North Korea this year. In recent years those exercises have been conducted less frequently to reduce tensions.

At UN’s request, Biden confirmed that the United States was ready to defend South Korea with nuclear weapons if necessary. The U.S. president did not rule out a meeting with North Korean leader Kim: “It depends on whether he is honest and serious.”

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