The United States wants to persuade Turkey to leave Sweden and Finland in NATO

The United States wants to persuade Turkey to leave Sweden and Finland in NATO

“It simply came to our notice then. Americans don’t really think it’s going to take long, “said Lucas Walkmeister, a U.S. correspondent NOS Radio 1 NewsAmericans want to persuade the United States as soon as possible to ensure that decisions can be made quickly about both countries.

Turkish opposition

The Turkish press reports that Turkey is using this moment as an opportunity. “These have for some time blunted the relationship between Turkey and the West. This is what Turkey sees as its own homeland security problem. It is about the common enemy PKK. The West, especially the United States, supports Kurdish militants in the fight against IS in northern Syria. Turkey sees it as a branch of the PKK: terrorists are at risk for our security. Erdogan says Sweden and Finland are harboring these terrorists and harboring them. We can’t accept that. ” Countries have a large Kurdish population. “Erdogan has a list of sympathizers or members of the PKK. This is a sensitive and difficult issue. The justice system is not independent and the West is very critical of it.

But that is not the only problem for Turkey. “Arms sanctions have been imposed by the West since the Turkish invasion of Syria in 2019. What Turkey is doing here is undermining NATO’s most important decision. Erdogan knows that Turkey is very important to NATO, and thinks he will use this opportunity to put demands on the table. We see a big political game out of hand.


“It is not surprising that Erdogan used such moments to win something, but it is assumed that the Turks will eventually return,” says US correspondent Lucas Walkmeister. “From an American point of view, Erdogan has made it very impossible in recent years. There has been a great deal of controversy. Turkey isolated itself, they were expelled from the F-35 program, the sale of sophisticated weapons to Turkey has been suspended by many, and recently, Erdogan has been trying to reunite with Europe and the United States. “It’s a departure from that strategic goal, so I think Erdogan will resign.”

What exactly do Americans want to do to appease Turkey? “The deportation of Kurdish activists is not really going to happen. That’s where the fundamental intelligence of the Turkish judiciary’s revenge lies, “said Walkmeister. So supply the warplanes again and find an elegant solution for that Russian defense system. It now collects dust in a hangar somewhere in Turkey. A senior diplomat could be offered a senior position in NATO to replace an incoming guard. They are all options. ”

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