The rumor mill is in full swing: Putin has a son-in-law named Zelensky | abroad

The rumor mill is in full swing: Putin has a son-in-law named Zelensky |  abroad

“My family needs my support.” This was the reason for Igor Zelensky, 52, the world-famous former ballerina and artistic director of the Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich, when he announced his departure earlier than expected in April of this year. The man held a contract until 2026, but did not complete it. These family endeavors, he added, “are incompatible with my activism as a technical director.”


There has been no shortage of rumors since then. Could Zelensky be related to the Ukrainian president with whom he shares his last name and move to Ukraine to fight in the war? This was the suspicion because the Ukrainian flag had been flying over the opera house since the beginning of the war and during a show people praised the Ukrainian cause, by the way Zelensky too.

But the truth is completely different, according to an in-depth investigation by him from the mirror And the Russian magazine I won’t miss it (Important Stories): Zelensky has been linked to Katerina Tikhonova for years. Daughter… Vladimir Putin. Thus it is no longer wanted in Munich.

Zelensky is said to have been encouraged to resign for refusing to publicly denounce the Russian war in Ukraine. Serge Dorny, director of the Ballet House, told the clowns who had impersonated Ukraine’s Minister of Culture. We talked to him several times, and it turned out that he had to leave the opera. He didn’t make that decision alone, I drove him there.”

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It is not clear where Zelensky and Tikhonova have been since leaving Munich. Vladimir Putin loves the spotlight, as long as it doesn’t shine on his private life, and so do his daughters. It is said that Katerina Tikhonova (35), younger sister of Maria Vorontsova (37), was born in Germany when her father worked in the KGB. She caused a stir when she was a dancer at a young age and has served as deputy director of the Institute for Mathematical Research of Complex Systems at Moscow University for several years now. There she leads research in artificial intelligence and in this capacity has also spoken several times at major conferences.

Not much is also known about the relationship between Tikhonova and Zelensky. Putin’s daughter was married to Kirill Shamalov (40), the youngest-ever Russian billionaire, until 2017, after which the two were to find each other. How and where they met is not clear and untraceable.

from the mirror And I won’t miss it Relying, among other things, on flight data and other documents to claim that the two are a married couple and have a two-year-old daughter. Between 2017 and 2019, it is reported that Tikhonova often traveled between Munich and Russia, sometimes several times a month, to be with her husband. Tired of all this traveling, I decided to live with it in 2019.

frankly politically

The Russian-born, 52-year-old Zelensky was an internationally acclaimed ballerina, with solo and lead roles in productions from New York to Germany to the United Kingdom. He had relationships with many famous ballerinas in the past, including Jana Serebrjakova. He has three children with her. After his active dance career, he took management positions and in 2016 began working at the Munich Opera House. There he presented himself as a determined and passionate artistic leader, who, according to experts, excellently led the opera house and was also not shy about making a political statement. Shortly before his resignation, he collaborated with Putin on a new theater in Crimea, the region annexed by Russia.

It is difficult to ascertain the question of whether he has family ties to the Ukrainian president, with whom he shares his last name. What is certain is that Igor comes from the Krasnodar region, near the border with Ukraine, and that the president of Ukraine comes from a Russian-speaking family. So it is unimaginable. Although they both would prefer not to be.

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