This is what the 10 largest municipalities want to do against home-buying investors

This is what the 10 largest municipalities want to do against home-buying investors

What are the plans of the ten largest municipalities? We list them from largest to smallest:


“We have lobbied for a long time in The Hague for this and are very pleased that this option is now available. We want to introduce purchase protection as soon as possible. We are working with other major cities.”

“We would prefer to introduce it to the whole municipality, but we are still investigating whether it is possible or not. With regard to the price limit, the intention is to have as many homes under purchase protection as possible. The city council has expressed our desire to make purchase protection Applicable to as many homes as possible. We are investigating whether and how this can be arranged.”


“Rotterdam is pleased with the arrival of purchase protection, which in fact makes it possible to obligate self-occupancy of certain homes. In some neighbourhoods, such as Karnes, you see that in some months almost all homes are bought by investors. As a beginner, you are marginalized as a result. Purchase Protection is granted The municipality has the opportunity to intervene.

“The municipality would like to introduce purchase protection as soon as possible after it goes into effect. We aim to offer it from January 1, 2022. We are currently investigating eligible areas. Municipalities should be able to demonstrate why you are hiring for the entire city or specific areas. It appears that The neighborhood level is best suited for good evidence. Depending on the choices that are made, we will monitor any waterbed impacts between neighborhoods or between municipalities.”

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“We’re happy to protect buyback. It’s badly needed to protect the stock of cheap housing, because we’re seeing it evaporate. Buy-to-hire is happening all over the city, but in a number of neighborhoods with lots of cheap real estate properties, in particular, like Laakkwartier and Rustenburg Oostbroek”.

“We are doing our best to implement Purchase Protection as quickly as possible. Research is currently underway to demonstrate the ability to map certain neighborhoods. No area is currently excluded. We are also in the process of closing a citywide deployment Purchase Protection We prefer a tool to curb high rents. .and we will continue to push hard for it.”


“The municipality is happy with the purchase protection and will certainly offer it once the legal option has been arranged. Our proposal is to introduce it to the whole city. We think this is mainly because we want to prevent the waterbed effect, so it makes less sense in the end.” As far as the price limit is concerned, we want to put it on As wide as possible and we want to work with G4 + Eindhoven. We are monitoring market developments and temporary adjustments may be necessary.”

“To be in a strong position regarding differences of interpretation in any legal proceedings, the municipal regulation to be drafted will be harmonized as much as possible with G4 and Eindhoven. It is expected that this consistency will have a positive impact on the court’s decision.”


“We are pleased with the change in the law. The home is increasingly becoming an investment target. An unfair battle for first-time buyers and middle-income families looking to buy a home. They are losing out to investors who have much deeper pockets. You should get a fair position in the market Housing, purchase protection can help with that.”

“It is expected that Eindhoven City Council will decide at the beginning of 2022 if and when purchase protection will be introduced in Eindhoven. We are currently looking at which neighborhoods this will apply to. As studies for this have not yet been completed, we cannot yet indicate which neighborhoods this will apply to. Where and at what price range is purchase protection available.”


“We are very positive about the tools needed to prevent home purchases by investors. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme should be proven in practice. We are still investigating implementation for each district or the entire city. We will see if we can use the scheme as widely as possible, but it should be To be able to prove it. We have not yet set a price limit.”


“Since the science is currently in Tilburg, the council will be proposing to the city council to switch to a commitment to self-occupancy of homes up to the NHG limit for the entire municipality. In this way, we want to keep affordable owner-occupied housing stock available to our residents. The goal is to settle this by the date of Law enforcement.”


“In Almere, we do not yet have a clear picture of whether home buying by investors is a problem. That is why we are currently conducting a study on the purchase and whether there is a dearth. If this is the case, the municipality will make a decision. In principle, It’s nice that Procurement Protection is possible, but the way this is implemented causes a headache (licensing and implementation costs a lot of money and manpower).”


“The Breda municipality already has purchase protection for new buildings. For existing buildings, we want to check whether this leads to an effective and manageable policy tool to hold homes in the existing stock of the required target groups. The municipality is now implementing a 5-year self-occupancy commitment for new buildings for homes with a value of up to to 300,000 euros.


“It is a good thing that a tool has been developed to better control the existing cheap and mid-priced owner occupied homes. Implementation of the scheme is complex and labor intensive. We are now starting preparations and research. Accordingly, we will examine whether purchase protection is available. .”

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