The first temporary electoral golden television episode 2021

The first temporary electoral golden television episode 2021

We’re already on our way to the nomination round for Gouden Televizier-Ring #56! This means that today we will announce the first place in all categories. arousing!

Polls are increasing for the 2021 Golden Televizier-Ring election. Voting is high, but which TV shows, broadcasters, presenters, actors, actresses, talents, online video series and youth programs have received the most votes so far? We will announce it in the 56th Gouden Televizier-Ring Election Ranking.

Top 10 Golden TV Episodes 2021

Dutch celebrities in hospital (SBS6)
office 040 (RTL4)
Roenrwald’s children (Banfara)
folder house (KRO-NCRV)
Eurovision Songfestival (AVROTROS / NOS / NPO)
to here (Banfara)
Kees van der Sek: The fraudsters intervene (RTL5)
mukro mafia Follow Favorite
eyeballs (Banfara)
disguised singer (RTL4)

You can vote until September 20. So if you haven’t voted yet, please do so now.

Vote now, click here!

Many votes were cast in all other categories. Lists with the most common names and addresses can be found here in alphabetical order.

TV presenter

TV presenter

TV star actor/actress

Online Televizier-Star Video Series

TV star talent

Young TV star

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