Developer Is Sharing Elon Musk’s Flight Info On Twitter Again, But It’s Getting Delayed – IT Pro – News

Developer Jack Sweeney is sharing flight information from Elon Musk on Twitter again, but with a 24-hour delay. Previously, his accounts, including @ElonJet, were suspended for sharing real-time location data of Musk and other known individuals.

Sweeney splits up their website It’s called a link to a new Twitter account @employee. The description states that Musk’s flight details are displayed with a 24-hour delay. The developer seems to stick to this New rules of Twitter carry. These state that sharing people’s real-time locations is not allowed.

Earlier this month, about thirty developer accounts Commented by Twitter, which includes Sweeney’s personal account. Also Journalists who referred to the account, was suspended for a short time. In addition to Musk’s trip information, Sweeney also shared information on other celebrities. For now, the new @ElonJetNextDay account is still running on Twitter. Musk’s flight data can be seen in real time via ElonJet on other social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon.

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