McDonald’s special burger revived with ‘Emily in Paris’ Netflix series

McDonald's special burger revived with 'Emily in Paris' Netflix series

McDonald’s is making smart use of Project Emily in the third season of its Emily in Paris series

The third season of Emily in Paris Now on Netflix. Emily (played by Lily Collins) gets a new venture involving McDonald’s and McBaggett.

Because of this storyline in the series, McBaguette will now also return temporarily in France. McBaguette plays a major role in a number of episodes, which will no doubt increase interest in the sandwich. This is why McDonald’s French branches are temporarily recalling the product.


A McBagite is a baguette with two hamburgers, lettuce, cheese and mustard. The sandwich first arrived at McDonald’s in 2012, but quickly disappeared from the menu. Now McBaguette will be temporarily available again in France with the release of Emily in Paris. It is not clear if other countries will follow suit.

Season 3

In the third season, the series mainly focuses on all the decisions that Emily has to make. On the one hand, there’s her threesome with Frenchman Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo) and Briton Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscomte), but her job will also cause her some problems this season.

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