US: Taliban allow foreigners and Afghans to leave with travel permits

US: Taliban allow foreigners and Afghans to leave with travel permits
Taliban fighters on the streets of Holland Hooke / AFP in Kabul

Taliban militants on the streets of KabulImage Dutch Height / AFP

It is not clear from the report how they can leave the country. The Taliban says a group of passengers will be allowed to “depart safely” in a “safe and orderly manner”, according to the US State Department. They are allowed to leave the country from that place.

“Together with a hundred countries, we will make every effort to allow the Dutch and Afghans who have worked for us to travel freely to places outside Afghanistan where they are at risk,” said Foreign Minister Sikrit Gogh. “We expect the Taliban to respect their guarantees and allow these groups to travel freely.”

The details are still working

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said details of the exit of foreign and Afghan nationals were still being discovered. “This is a letter of intent.”

On Thursday, the Netherlands was forced to suspend the expulsion of Dutch nationals and Afghan aides who had served in the Dutch mission from Kabul. Most other countries have completed their expulsion missions. U.S. troops guarding an airport in the Afghan capital are due to leave the Taliban on August 31. Many who could not board a plane were left behind.

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