This is the Game of the Year according to the Power Unlimited community!

This is the Game of the Year according to the Power Unlimited community!

Voting was possible from December 16 to December 23 at 6:00 PM. Games released between November 1, 2020 and December 23, 2021 could have been voted on. Here are the five games that got the most votes!

Ratchet and Clank have been an inseparable duo since 2002 and the two still stand their ground on PlayStation 5. Rift Apart is one of the first games that really showed what Sony’s new console had to offer. Graphically, it is one of the best games ever in beautiful 4k with ray tracing and 60 frames per second. The portals take you to a completely different world in the blink of an eye; Nice rendering of SSD in PS5. Fortunately, the gameplay is also very solid. Florian rewarded the game with A 95 And even calling it one of the most fun games of all time, the fifth place in the community list is well deserved.
It Takes Two was the biggest winner at the Game Awards, taking the Game of the Year title. The game from Hazelight Studios has also been well received by visitors to Power Unlimited. It Takes Two is a perfect co-op game that supports both online and local multiplayer. In fact, cooperation is required. Start it takes two with a friend, partner or your mother and you will undoubtedly have an hour or twelve of pure fun. The game even has an emotional story that is worth following. In a world where we risk getting more and more distant, It Takes Two is the perfect way to bring people closer together. Marvin gave the game a nice 87 inches review it.
Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was this year’s E3. Twenty years after Metroid Fusion, Nintendo has finally announced a sequel and conclusion to the 2D Metroid story. Samus is more powerful than ever on the Nintendo Switch. According to many, Dread is the best Metroid game ever! It offers super smooth controls, chubby bosses, and EMMI bots that scare everyone. For many players, this was their first foray into the Metroid franchise and it definitely makes you want more! Gave Samuel Metroid Dread 90 inches review it.
Metroid dread
Forza Horizon 5 was also revealed at E3 this year and released the same year. The Horizon Festival travels to Mexico in Part 5 and that’s a great pick. Mexico has proven to be the perfect place and the game world is bigger and more vibrant than ever. Racing, stunts, mini-games: the possibilities in Mexico are almost endless. Forza Horizon 5 is the ultimate playground for racing enthusiasts, but also for racing beginners. Graphically, the game is oddly beautiful and it plays great. Forza Horizon 5 is an excuse to get a fat Xbox or PC. Forza Horizon 5 got 96 from Florian in review it.
Forza Horizon 5

The 2021 community game Power Unlimited goes to Halo Infinite! This is another great way for Master Chef to celebrate his comeback. After revealing this disappointing game, 343 Industries decided to give the game some extra attention and love and it has paid off. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer plays well in retro style and the campaign brings an old-fashioned action that we’re used to from Halo in a new jacket. The open world takes the Halo franchise to new heights and that’s exactly the plus that makes the campaign so worthwhile.

The game, of course, could still use some updates, but with a promised ten-year lifecycle, that should be fine. Once separate playlists are available in multiplayer mode and the campaign can also be played cooperatively, there is not much to be desired. There is no doubt that the Master Chief is back, which is why the Power Unlimited community has been jumping for joy! Vouter gave the game 90 in review it.

infinite aura

Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil Village, Psychonauts 2, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and Returnal were well received by the community, but had fewer votes to reach the prestigious top five. There was also a vote for A2 Racer The Police Strikes Back Remastered, which is a great pick! This single soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Remastered, on the other hand, hurts…

Resident Evil Village

Is your favorite game of the year in the top five or has it fallen by the wayside? And does the Power Unlimited community have a bit of flair, or is this disappointing? Let me know in the comments!

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