Britney Spears: I used to scream when I was alone | show

Britney Spears: I used to scream when I was alone |  show

Although a lot has surfaced in the past year about the tutelage that Britney Spears has been under for thirteen years, a lot has happened according to the singer. In an Instagram post, she said that people have no idea what happened to her personally.

In the long letter, the singer wrote that she always kept her frustration about supervising herself. I would often scream when I was alone, hiding the pain. They say you have to go to the source, to the one who hurt you, in order to heal. I can never do that. I chose to refuse because I don’t want conflict. I was cute, I was fake, but I was screaming inside.

Spears continues, writing, “It may sound crazy that I don’t get into my music anymore, but after all I’ve been through, I’m afraid of people in the field.” According to the singer, the fact that she neither performs nor makes music is “f*ck” for her family and other people who always earn from her career.

The 40-year-old says she’s grown a lot in the past year, but she’s not quite where she wants to be yet. Her New Year’s resolution was to push herself to do things that scared her. “But not too scary, because I’m only human and not a superwoman.”

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