This is how Prince Harry really feels during Charles’ coronation

This is how Prince Harry really feels during Charles' coronation

As many royals are trained to keep emotions in check, there is a lot to read on everyone’s faces. After all, they are people. During the eventful past—new documentaries, a book launch and his beloved grandmother’s funeral—we had body language expert Denis Deschamps analyze Harry’s body language and facial expressions. What have we learned from this and what does it tell us about existence mood today?

Prince Harry during Charles’ coronation

And it was announced earlier that Harry will only attend the coronation without his wife, Megan. Reliable sources have shown that the average British monarch was very happy about Meghan’s absence, and it was not well received.

In the end, Harry attends Charles’ coronation alone, and one of them is seated in the third row, next to the other not working. the Royal family. Whether he could really see anything of the ceremony is questionable, as Princess Anne’s hat is so high it obscures his view.

Prince Harry mood

Harry’s face clearly shows that he’s trying his best to make something out of it today. He enters the room with a small smile, without Megan at his side. according to A body language expert reports for the Daily MailHarry was In desperate need of a hug He appeared nervous upon arrival. The expert concludes that the way he holds his jacket tightly at the sides shows he needs a hug. Constant movements of his body are also a sign of discomfort.

Comment the different feelings that Harry showed today.

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Serious look upon arrival

Serious look and nervous attitude when the party arrives. The way he holds his jacket shows he “needs a hug,” says the body language expert daily Mail.

Upon arrival, Prince Harry appears surprisingly cheerful, but the quirky smile is anything but sincere. Earlier, Denise Deschamps explained: “If you start laughing asymmetrically, it represents an emotional family of contempt and rejection,” referring to Harry’s laughter during Tell everyone Interview with Oprah Winfrey.

We don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but Harry is surprised.

Sincere laughter can also come out when Harry talks to Princess Anne.

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