Janie van der Heyden wasn’t in the mood for All of Holland Bakes with celebrities

Janie van der Heyden wasn't in the mood for All of Holland Bakes with celebrities

The new season of Both Holland Bucket become private: in All of Holland baked again We see previous participants get a second chance. Is this exploitation of a popular program? Not if it’s up to Janie to judge. say in Veronica Superguide: “No, that’s for a different reason. Both Holland Bucket Decade. We do this as a kind of throwback to previous seasons. We won’t be doing anything like this again next year! “

Janny draws the line in the VIP version. “It has sometimes been suggested to do a Dutch version of celebrity. Well, no. That would be great! Moreover, I want it to remain a competition for ordinary people.”

Thanks to the program, the jury member also became a celebrity. featured in The perfect picture And sail the most beautiful roads with Andre Van Doyen Thinking of the Netherlands. “That wasn’t a goal in and of itself, to be on TV. I worked on backstage shows for a long time.”

The makers of the baking competition asked her to help set up the programme. Until someone suddenly said: ‘Actually you’re the kind of person we’re looking for in a jury! “Well, I thought, why not?” Janie could never have foreseen that it would happen like this.

With BN’ership comes a lot of applications for other programs. “I also don’t do a lot of things.” For example, she was asked to join a dating program or programs where “people hit each other”. “This does not suit me at all. Expedite Robinson Also no. My kids joke about it sometimes. “Mom, you really can’t. Then we have to hide diet bars somewhere, haha!”

All of Holland baked again See you every Sunday starting September 5th at 8.30pm at Omroep MAX on NPO 1.

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