AEX slows down after string | Financial issues

AEX slows down after string |  Financial issues

At about 3.40 pm, the AEX was down 0.2% at 787.6 points. This morning the Amsterdam Stock Exchange touched a record high for the third consecutive day at 792.54 points. The AMX index rose 0.6 percent to 1108.3 points. Price boards in London (-0.6%), Paris (-0.3%) and Frankfurt (-0.3%) turn red.

Elsewhere, stock markets show a mixed picture. The US stock exchanges He came out of the starting blocks a little less this afternoon. On Monday, the Dow closed 0.2% lower and the Nasdaq gained 0.9%.

In the Asian region, major stock markets mostly saw gains on Tuesday, despite the disappointing data from the Chinese economy. Industrial growth in the country slowed again and the service sector contracted for the first time since February 2020.

At 11 a.m., it was announced that inflation in the Eurozone stood at 3% in August, compared to 2.2% in July. This limits sentiment in the stock markets, where higher inflation can eventually drive up interest rates. In both Europe and the US, bond yields rose slightly in the early afternoon.

“Catch up near valuable stocks”

The fact that many stock exchanges are still fluctuating around record levels, Edwin Werda, director of Wierda Asset Management, attributes to the interest rate policy of central banks. The Federal Reserve confirmed last week that interest rates will remain very low for a long time. So there is no good alternative to stocks.”

It indicates a distortion in the AEX. Much of the increase this year is due to the strong performance of heavy chip stocks, for example, ASML commands 19% of the index. Value stocks like Unilever lag behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can catch up soon, as we saw in November last year.”

In AEX go Positives With a 5.8% gain firmly in the lead. The tech investor is recovering from weakness in recent weeks in response to his announced purchase of Indian payment company BillDesk for $4.7 billion.

Philips He wins by 2.4%. The healthcare technology group benefits from a buy recommendation from ING.

steel giant Arcelor Metal (-2.4%) is the biggest loser in AEX. lighting product Del yields 1.6%.

biotechnology company Galapagos It outperforms mid-sized funds by 7.4%. This was announced by CEO and co-founder Onno van de Stolpe Left Once you find a successor. charging station supplier The genies Followed by a 3.5% lead.

NX . filtration By 6.3% in the domestic market, in response to reports of a significant loss in the first half. The water purification membranes product was launched to the public in June.

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