The artificial intelligence pioneer regrets working in the field of artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence pioneer regrets working in the field of artificial intelligence

According to the medium, he now joins critics who believe companies are heading into dangerous situations with AI.

Hinton describes the development of artificial intelligence, such as in chatbots such as ChatGPT and the updated version GPT-4, as “pretty scary”.

“At the moment I don’t think they are smarter than us. But I think soon,” Hinton told the BBC.

It is Hinton’s research in AI that has contributed technology to chatbots such as ChatGPT. He fears that these advances will soon make robots smarter than humans.

“Right now, we’re seeing things like GPT-4, which really outperforms humans in terms of general knowledge, not by much,” he says.

And given the pace of progress, we expect it to move quickly. And we have to worry about that.

In the past, Hinton V The New York Times All his concerns about AI abuse.

A worldwide sensation

In a conversation with the BBC, he described it as a nightmare scenario.

You can imagine, for example, that malicious people like (Russian President Mr. Dr.Putin decided to give robots the possibility of achieving their own sub-goals, says Hinton.

And these sub-goals, according to Hinton, could relate to gaining more power.

We call it artificial intelligence when a computer or robot can simulate human thinking and behaviour.

ChatGPT has become a worldwide sensation after it was launched at the end of November last year.

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI Corporation.

A new version – GPT-4 – can now provide more accurate answers. According to OpenAI, it also behaves more humanely than its predecessor and the bot is expected to get even better in the future.

“All of these copies are self-learning, but the knowledge is also shared instantly: It’s like having 10,000 people, and as soon as one of them learns something, everyone immediately has the same knowledge,” says Hinton.

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