“The Yvonne Caldwire Complaint Is Hypocrisy At Its Best” | she says

"The Yvonne Caldwire Complaint Is Hypocrisy At Its Best" |  she says

She said podcastIn the weekly podcast and column she says AD columnist Debbie Gerritzen takes a look at last week’s news from a feminist perspective. What stood? She talks about this with a standing panel of female experts. This week Debbie will speak to information law attorney Charlotte Maidersma about the emergence of juice channels: “Yvonne Coldfire’s complaint is hypocrisy at its best.” Listen to.

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While we marvel at the misinformation with which Russian President Putin is convincing some of his own people of the usefulness of his war in Ukraine, we also feast on half-truths and bizarre stories back home. And we’ve been doing this en masse for a while now via the very popular and now controversial juice channels. Information in these juice channels, obtained by unknown “spies”, often increases the schedule without an answer. The passion and determination with which these stories are presented is frightening. Fans praise the channels’ ability to expose abuse. Without the work of anonymous sources and the massive spread of juice channels, sink the sound it did not open.

But what kind of society do we live in, if gossip and backbiting are thrown on the Internet without filtering? Gossip queen Yvonne Coldoyer is tired of all the criticism of her work, but AD columnist Deby takes it one step further in this podcast. She talks about the raw aspects of juice channels with information law attorney Charlotte Mindersma.

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