direct | Samantha Stenwick’s lawyer: Juice channels across borders | the interior

direct |  Samantha Stenwick's lawyer: Juice channels across borders |  the interior

Reporter Koen van Eyck is present at the trial. Follow the status via his tweets at the bottom of this article (from about 10:30 a.m.).

The briefing revolves around the gossip of Coldeweijer who claimed in a video that Steenwijk used illegal slimming pills. Steenwijk demands correction. Steenwijk and Coldeweijer were both present at the summary proceedings in court in Amsterdam.

According to Calve, the juice channels lie on a slippery slope due to commercial interests. “All of this leads operators to believe that they are in a vacuum with no rights. The benefits, not the burdens.”

The text continues below the video.

Steenwijk denies using illegal slimming pills. “Mrs. Stenwick does not have to accept these accusations,” said Calve, who called the accusations “unnecessarily harmful.”

According to Calf, Coldweger “acted negligently and made no effort to conduct investigations.” The adversarial measure applied by Coldeweiger is called Kalff’s “mustard after a meal, when the damage has already been done”. Moreover, according to her lawyer, Steenwijk believes that Coldeweijer did not adequately rectify. “It merely reflects Stenwick’s denial that the claim is incorrect in her opinion. This notice has nothing to do with the correction.”

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