The listed house becomes a hotel and a holiday home: ‘I’m totally shivering’ | interior

The listed house becomes a hotel and a holiday home: 'I'm totally shivering' |  interior

makeupAt home Priscilla, 31, and Bengt, 28, it’s about rustic-style transitions with a nod to a beach vacation home and a sleek, hotel-like look in dark hues. The TV show was watched by more than 600,000 viewers on Sunday In love with your home again How designer Fietje Bruijn brought the best of both worlds together.

The two moved from Rotterdam to nearby Bergchenhoek and tried to mix their flavors, but neither was satisfied. Bengt thinks that everything Priscilla finds beautiful is too romantic, and too admirable, and Priscilla thinks her boyfriend, with whom she has a one-year-old daughter, is too “upset and cold”.

Additionally, the “residential problem” couple mentions that the extension at the back of the house is too narrow to convert into a single unit. And the fact that a skylight was made above the dining table is great during the day, but in the evening it is difficult to get light because the lamps are difficult to hang.

In the old setting, he was given a wall to accommodate Bengt, which he was allowed to decorate. There is a kind of making wall tv by. However, this ensures that the large bank blocks the walking paths, and you immediately notice Vietji as you enter it. I fall and my nose in the butter—or rather in the bank.” She sums up how Bengt, who owns catering companies, is too slow in his business of serving up his flavors of food. “And Priscilla just wants to leave.”

Light floor and new blue color

Bengt, Priscilla and Fietje believe that the old wooden floor is not a good foundation for the new interior design of the house. As an alternative, Fietje chooses a light wood tone for a sustainable floor with a woody look. “It’s not real wood, but it has a digital print on it, so you don’t get a repeat of the pattern,” she says.

On the walls, Fietje uses a combination of flavors: navy blue in the living room area and a beige/sand colored color for the long wall from the kitchen to the dining room and garden. On the other side of the dining room comescolor of the yearBy Flexa: Bright Skies. It symbolizes a new beginning and a “breath of fresh air”. If you let the nuances of beige and blue blend in, it’s very possible, says Viti.

Looking at in vtwonen How Fietje uses color to define the room’s functions, thus creating a play corner on the long wall.

The dark sitting room is based on Bengt’s mood board. Designer Fietje Bruijn calls it ‘Ibiza Chic’. © Margaret Hoekstra

As the wood began to rot in the garden-side frame, the DIY team from the TV show installed a brand new front. What is special is that the blinds are already made in glass that can be opened and closed electrically. Otherwise, blackout blinds will always get in the way of sliding doors.

The new atmosphere that Vietgi wanted to create is called “Ibiza Chic”. The sofa is on the other side and on the long side a sofa with different functions was assembled: TV furniture, a sitting area for the daughter of Bengt and Priscilla and a sofa for the dining table. As a result, the dining table can also be placed a little more on the wall, freeing up space for hanging lamps above the table. In the seating area, two swivel chairs complete the picture.

A bench was made on the long blind side of the listed house, so that the dining table could be moved slightly to the side.

A bench was made on the long blind side of the listed house, so that the dining table could be moved slightly to the side. © Margaret Hoekstra

“I’m shivering all over, I think it’s so beautiful,” exclaims Priscilla, her hand over her mouth. Tears stream down her cheeks. Bengt says he is speechless for the first time in his life. In the meantime, they discover the details that they like, but do not dare to choose themselves.

Watch the videos below for more inspiration or find the style that works for you lifestyle test from vtwonen:

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