The US and Russia have responded to the missile attack in Poland

The US and Russia have responded to the missile attack in Poland

US President Biden spoke about the incident at the G20 summit in Bali. “Biden said that the investigation into exactly what happened and what its origins are is still ongoing,” US correspondent Marieke de Vries told NOS. Radio 1 Journal.

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Speaking to reporters, a Bloomberg reporter asked him if it was too late to determine whether the missile came from Russia. “As for the path the missile traveled, Biden said they have information that shows it’s unlikely the missile was launched from Russia. The path, so to speak.”

According to De Vries, we still have to wait and see what exactly Biden means by this. “Apparently he is already pointing this out from the US intelligence services. His bringing this out now is either a casual comment or will be deliberate to prevent further escalation.”


Last March, Biden was still in Poland. At the time, he said, “Even 1 centimeter of polish is too much, and there are serious consequences.” He remains steadfast even after the missile attack. “He has spoken to his Polish counterpart, Polish President Duda, and has given his full support to the Polish inquiry team, apart from his condolences.”

“Also, for almost a year, he has repeated what he has said: America strongly supports NATO’s principles. That is: if one state is attacked, they all will be attacked. Now the only question is: Where did the missile come from? Who was behind it? And will there be only diplomatic consequences? Or will there be more?”


Russia’s Correspondent Geert Groot Koerkamp has said that Russia has distanced itself from the missile incident in Poland. “One also speaks of a provocation intended to escalate the matter further.” The Russian Defense Ministry also claims that the missiles did not come from Russia. “They also say they have not conducted any Russian missile strikes near the Polish-Ukraine border.”

According to Groot Koerkamp, ​​the news spread quickly on Russian social media. “It is most likely a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, the S-300, so it has been asserted that it was launched to intercept a Russian attack. As you know, there have been several Russian missile attacks in several areas. Ukraine .”

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