Hewcon receives Native American representative

Hewcon receives Native American representative

Hawkan continues to strengthen its current business growth in the North American market. With a successful Canadian office led by John Adams, Hewcon is committed to adding a local representative to its growing U.S. customer base. That’s Justin Lukoff.

As owner Henk Verbakel puts it: “Our kind of projects need someone on the site. We hope it’s best to have someone who understands the customers, their needs and the market. Helps guide clients and support clients seeking the most complete, high – tech solution in the industry. “

Justin began working in Havacon, headquartered in the Netherlands in June 2021, with the aim of using his experience and knowledge domestically again in the first quarter of 2022. Now, as planned from his first rental, it’s time for Justin Lukoff to return – as he wants to say it – to the Atlantic side. In this way he supports the growth of Hawkon and Atrium Agri, a consortium that cooperates with Hawkon associates in the market.

Although many Dutch companies want to tackle the growth trajectory of the American horticultural market, Havacon is still opting for a more direct approach. Havcon does this by hiring an experienced American citizen who has worked in the middle of the industry in the Netherlands. Justin’s experience in the Netherlands has enabled him to learn from many Dutch industry pioneers (developers, researchers and technology providers) in the world of controlled ecosystem farming. In addition, Havcon has also found an office in the United States that will open soon.

Justin: “Living and working in the Netherlands has been a turning point in my life. It has given me the opportunity to learn the best of the world in high-tech horticultural solutions. I am definitely ready to take this to the next level with world-class projects with a variety of clients across the country.

Justin will be permanently based in New Jersey, giving him the ability to easily support Havacon’s clients and prospective clients. Those interested can contact him at [email protected] or his US number: + 1-203-533-4398.

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