Biden calls Putin a war criminal: ‘unwise’

Biden calls Putin a war criminal: 'unwise'

Biden made this statement to a reporter last night. Do you think Putin is a war criminal? It’s the question Biden says, “Yeah, I think he’s a war criminal.”

Watch the part here:

“Looks great, but doesn’t yield anything.”

Rob de Wijk says it’s not a helpful statement for Biden. “I don’t think it’s very wise. It looks great, but it doesn’t work. If there’s a fragile peace process going on, don’t bother with these kinds of comments.”

Biden made this statement in response to the US Senate. Putin called him a war criminal last night.

The Senate has called on the International Criminal Court in The Hague and countries to target the Russian military in any investigation of war crimes committed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We are the strongest

“It also doesn’t fit right now,” says de Wijk. “First you have to negotiate peace, it won’t do you any good if you say you are a war criminal and you will be prosecuted no matter what. You have to give such a president, even if he is a murderer and a war criminal, the space for peace negotiations.”

So why would Biden say this? De Wijk: “This is very American. Like: we are the most powerful country in the world, we define, and this is what we saw in the dictators. America looks down on Russia. And if you compare Russia with the United States, it is also nothing. Sometimes they call Russia “Burkina Faso, which has nuclear weapons”.

You should stick to it only after the war

What are the implications of the Biden ruling? “It’s hard to say,” de Week explains. “It might slow the process down. Maybe Putin will say about the peace negotiations later: ‘I don’t feel like it anymore’.”

“That’s why it’s not really wise to say things like this now. Because even if you’re dealing with morally cautious people, you have to deal with them. After the war, you have to get it. Not now.”

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