Groningen Result: PvdD, Student and City Big Winners

Gemeente Groningen

Groningen Municipality © RTV Noord

The big winners of the municipal elections in Groningen municipality are the Animals, Students and the City party. GroenLinks loses two seats, but remains the largest party.

The Animal Party goes from three to four seats. The Student en Stad site goes from one to three seats. The newcomer Nordic Party comes in with 4.1 percent of the vote. Thus, the party tends to two seats.

GroenLinks loses, but remains the biggest

GroenLinks, as of tonight, the largest share of 21 percent of the vote will come back to 17.8 percent. This means that of the 11 seats they had, they had to give up two and end up with nine.

SP (5 to 4), VVD (4 to 3), ChristenUnie (3 to 2) also lose seats. PvdA, D66, CDA, and PVV also lose votes, but do not appear to result in a loss of seats for parties. For the CDA, this is the best possible scenario: the party fears the halving.

Disappointing fusion party, no forum seat

Fusion Stadspartij also lost 100% of Groningen: out of the combined percentage of 2018 (11.7%), the party now has 9.2% of the vote. They will keep their four seats.

The Forum for Newcomers for Democracy gets 1.7 percent of the vote. This is not enough to get a seat. The same goes for the newcomers Economy Party, BVNL and Lijst Blanco Teunis Dokter.

This is what the alliance in Groningen could look like:

The current coalition, made up of GroenLinks, D66, PvdA and ChristenUnie, is one seat short of holding a majority on city council. So a new alliance must be formed. In the coalition builder below you can view all the possible options. It will be at least another coalition of four parties.

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