Masha Feoktistova shows her daughter’s face for the last time

Masha Feoktistova shows her daughter's face for the last time

Dressed as a cute hostess, Mila is smiling in her latest Instagram photo. Masha and her family are traveling back from a well-earned vacation in Dubai. After sharing a series of vacation photos with her followers, this snapshot ends with this. Those were insta photos from our trip in Dubai. (..) And also the last post on Insta with Mila’s face in the photo. and what! Look at our little hostess! Masha writes under the photo. “From now on, Mila’s face will no longer be recognizable,” she adds.

In her latest YouTube video, Masha and her boyfriend Gregor explain why they don’t want to photograph their daughter in a recognizable way. “I don’t want viewers to recognize her in the schoolyard, or to wait for her. I know you wouldn’t. But there are a lot of crazy people out there who can think of it,” Masha explains. Gregor says their daughter Mila is also “very well known” now and can decide for herself if she “want to be seen somewhere later”.

The proud parents also say they’ve been thinking about this decision for a while. At the end of their vacation, it feels like “the perfect time for that,” as Masha concludes in her video.

You can watch the entire video below.

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