This Funda pearl in Blijdorp has gone viral


Searching around Funda is one of our hobbies. Before you know it it will be hours away. We found another pearl in Rotterdam, a very exotic pearl to be exact.

Your mouth will open when you see the interior of Borgesiusstraat 79 A1. “Beautiful three-room apartment with a south-west facing balcony that can be furnished to your own taste,” we read in Funda. Nice – good? Honestly, we find it a little strange.

Shower in the living room

This completely has the content of “helping my husband is a handyman”, because it is a strange house. The kitchen is neat and fresh unlike the rest. The bathroom is located in the middle of the living room and the bathroom is full of laminate. The bedroom looks like a gray vault, while a warm tropical print hangs on the wall in the living room. Perhaps it provides some inspiration for the forest on the porch; There, you first have to work with a machete before you can sit there.

The sofa was white

The house did not go unnoticed, because Instagram account Funda Finest also shared it Wednesday afternoon. Most of the reactions – how could it be otherwise – are about the dirty white sofa. For example, Ilse thinks something sinister has happened here: “I think someone died on the couch.”

The previous occupant has obviously started doing odd jobs, you will have to finish them yourself. And Bergpolder’s location is great, but is the apartment worth the price? Anita doesn’t think so: “This is 245,000 euros, isn’t that what you get if you want to live here?”

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