The Raiders X-Factor against the Colts, not Josh Jacobs

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Las Vegas Raiders Coming to Sunday match against the Indianapolis Colts Hoping to keep their playoff hopes alive with their third straight win. Currently sitting with only 19% chance to make postseason, The conquistadors themselves would formally eliminate the feud with a loss in the seventeenth week.

Ponies, on the other hand, are on fire. they did not Lost in over a month Currently has consecutive victories over New England Patriots The Arizona Cardinals. Leading the Colts is star running back Jonathan Taylor, who now hits 1,962 total yards and 19 total touchdowns. This should be the main focus of the raiders: stop running.

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Raiders Week 17 The X Factor

One player who will need to step up and stop Taylor is our X-factor for this game: Edge-rusher Maxx Crosby. It might seem strange at first to have a passing rusher as an X factor when you need to stop a run, but that’s what the Raiders defense went for. When Crosby stays in the running lanes and chases players from behind, he has one of the highest running defense scores on the team. His quick defense was the reason he was a Pro Bowler this year.

To go along with the six sacks, Crosby also has 38 total tackles, four defensive passes, eight forfeiting tackles, 25 midfield hits, and four compulsory passes. He will also come out perhaps his best game of the season last week against Denver Broncos.

With the season on the line and the Raiders struggling to move the ball against the Broncos’ tough defense, it was up to Crosby and the defense to lead the team to victory. They did their part, some others, and carried the Broncos only 14 points. Crosby was the star of the show with two backpackers.

This week, it will be another match where the Conquerors will need him to have a dominant performance. When a player has a decisive role in a game, you want them to be able to appreciate the moment rather than letting it swallow it up.

Crosby has a perspective that not many NFL players have because his past issues with alcohol landed him in rehab in early 2020. He knows how bad it can be if you lose everything and this season has shown he no longer takes a moment for granted. Perhaps no one could sum up Crosby’s journey from rehab to Pro Bowl X-factor for the Raiders better than him:

He showed off his newfound sobriety in his play, but it certainly didn’t reflect on his teammates. While Crosby is ranked as the second-best rusher in the NFL, every other player along the front seven forward isn’t even in the top 90 in their position, According to Pro Football Focus (PFF.)

This is a huge contrast between the first and second best player on a team versus seven players as you’ll find in the entire NFL. All of this is all the more reason Crosby is this week’s X Factor for Invaders.

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