Apple files a patent for wireless charging accessories next to the iPad screen – tablets and phones – news

What matters is whether it’s obvious to someone skilled at it or not. If you ask an engineer who can build it in the back to build it in the rim if they need to be creative for this or if that’s an obvious solution.

Reshaping the files to fit the frame is not innovative, they can all do it. I could think of it and do no more than fiddle with electronics and a soldering iron, but I know how these kinds of games work, and I know the physics behind them. And while I don’t have the machinery to make this very small, I could have designed it myself…as a hobbyist! These types of charging circuits are so basic, it’s crazy that a patent is being considered.

And the idea of ​​“we put it on edge” cannot be patented!

Note: The technology works the same whether you put it in the back or the edge, so what’s new? Only the idea we’re putting on edge is new. Creative, but not innocuous.

Did you read the patent? More than a page can be literally described: a profile shaped to fit the edge of an iPad. The patent is described in one sentence here, the inventor can be proud of himself, what a genius!

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