Jamie Le Mans strikes a spectator at ailing Linda de Mol

Jamai Loman

Jamai Loman puts together great viewing characters with the first episode of RTL 4’s new secret duo. With over a million viewers, it scored at least double Linda de Mol’s points.

© Tom Cornelsen

What if Linda de Mol wasn’t having a hard enough time with it last fall series From disappointing viewership numbers, I’m also now impressed by somewhat new TV talent Jamai Loman. Yesterday, the penultimate day of the year, attracted more viewers than the queen of television.

Jamai beats Linda

Jamai’s new show Secret Duets started with 1 million viewers (18% of market share) on RTL 4. This made it the most-watched variant of the amazing De Slimste Mens character, which this time served 1.9 million (32%) viewers.

Meanwhile, Linda de Mol watched the premiere of her movie in April, May and June on SBS 6, but that’s not exactly the crowd-plug. It was watched by 516 thousand people (10%), which is just not enough to get a bronze medal in prime time. NPO 1 got 557 thousand viewers (10%) for the documentary about the Eurovision final.


It is becoming more and more noticeable that Linda has lost her huge audience from the past. The time when everything I touched turned to gold and when I drove Paul de Leeuw hitting Mooi Weer De Leeuw out of the tube, it definitely ended. Can Linda turn the tide?

Linda can actually get revenge the day after tomorrow, because then the new crime series Deep Grounds will be shown for the first time. She then faces her TV competitor, Chantal Janzen, who presents Beat the Champions VIPS. Will Linda finally score again or will this be further evidence of her career waning?

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Watch the numbers

Viewing numbers for Thursday, December 30, 2021 (Shoes):

Top 15

Market Shares (18-24h, 6+)

01. 20:00 News (NPO1) 2,225,000 01. NPO1 / 22.3%
02. Smartest Person (NPO2) 1,874,000 02. RTL4 / 16.1%
03. Skiing Oct 1500M H (NPO1) 1,641,000 03. NPO2 / 13.1%
04. Skiing Oct 5KM D (NPO1) 1,252,000 04. SBS6 / 9.0%
05. Past Seven News (RTL4) 1,192,000 05. NPO3 / 8.1%
06. Secret Duo (RTL4) 1.014.000 06. RTL7 / 5.3%
07. Top 2000 a gogo (NPO3) 909,000 07. Ferro/3.4%
08. Whole House (NPO1) 908,000 08. RTL8/3.4%
09. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 817000 09. RTL5 / 2.5%
10. News Hour (NPO2) 81817000 10. NET5/1.8%
11. News 6:00 pm (NPO1) 760,000 11. RTLZ / 0.8%
12. Bad Times (RTL4) 743000 12. TLC / 0.8%
13. Inside Out (NPO2) 672.000 13. Discover / 0.7%
14. Edition NL (RTL4) 664.000 14. Identity / 0.5%
15. Snowball test (NPO1) 660,000 15. BBC / 0.4%

Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

More numbers to watch at:

01- Public broadcasting 43.5%
02. RTL Netherlands 28.5%
03. Mole TV 14.5%

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