The Iowa Hawkeyes jump to 12th in the women’s AP top 25 with the top five remaining unchanged

The Iowa Hawkeyes jump to 12th in the women's AP top 25 with the top five remaining unchanged

Iowa had a huge week and jumped nine places to 12th in The Associated Press’ Top 25 Women’s Basketball Poll released Monday.

The Hawkeyes won a share of the Big Ten regular season by defeating No. 10 Indiana, Rutgers, and No. 6 Michigan last week. It’s Liwa’s first regular season crown since 2008.

“This is the time you want to play your best basketball,” said Hockeys star Caitlin Clark. After winning over Michigan on Sunday. “And we play our best basketball.”

South Carolina remained No. 1 unanimously, receiving all of the top 30 votes from the National Media Committee. Gamecocks, who have held the top spot since the AP pre-season poll, will be the top seed when the SEC tournament begins later this week. South Carolina (28-1) defeated Texas A&M and Mississippi to end the conference’s regular season title.

The top five teams were unchanged, with Stanford ranked second followed by NC State, Louisville and Baylor. LSU, UConn, Iowa State, Texas and Michigan are among the top 10 teams.

The Hawkeyes’ ranking was their best since the start of the season, when the team started in the top 10 before dropping to 25. They shared the regular season title with No. 13 Ohio State. The Buckeyes will be the top seed in the conference tournament.

Oregon, which ranked 25th last week, was eliminated from the poll.

Falling Gates

Florida fell eight places this week to 23 after losing to Vanderbilt and Missouri. The Gators lost three times in a row and finished the regular season tied for fourth place on the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sunday Championship

The ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC will crown all champions of the tournament this weekend. These four conferences should unite to form a dozen teams in the NCAA Championship field announced on March 13th.

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