The first settlements were made with the relatives of the drama Travis Scott

The first settlements were made with the relatives of the drama Travis Scott

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Relatives of two people who died in the chaos on rapper Travis Scott’s show last year have reached a settlement in their lawsuits. It concerns the families of 21-year-old Axel Acosta and 16-year-old Briana Rodriguez.

Ten people were killed in the drama on November 5 last year in the US city of Houston. More than a hundred were injured. The victims were in the crowd that arose when a crowd tried to get on stage during Scott’s performance.

It soon became apparent that a lot had gone wrong with the festival, Astroworld, which was co-organised by Scott. For example, there were 37 minutes between the moment emergency services receive the so-called Mass loss incident Recorded and the end of Scott’s performance.

Passers-by made pictures of the chaos:

Dead and injured at the Houston Festival

From the preliminary research results published after five months of drama BackTurns out, the permits didn’t go well. The security personnel were also not adequately trained. The criminal investigation is still ongoing. So far this has not led to any charges.

A few days after the drama, the first cases were already filed against several parties involved, including the Live Nation promoter and Scott himself. The photos showed that despite numerous hints of panic among his fans, the rapper first paused his show several times, before finally stopping to perform. More than 500 lawsuits are now pending.

The details of the settlements are unknown

No details are known about the contents of the first settlements now accessed, about a year after the events. The lawyer for the 21-year-old Acosta family says he only hopes the agreement will “bring about a much-needed change in the way concerts are planned, licensed, organized and performed, making them safer for everyone”.

The incident at Astroworld was one of the deadliest party incidents in recent decades. In 2000, nine people were killed during a Pearl Jam concert at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival. Ten years later, 21 participants in the Love Parade in Duisburg died. Panic reigned there as well, and hundreds of people were injured in the crowd chaos. Since then, the rules for concerts and dance parties have been widely tightened.

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