Holland’s Got Talent candidate surprises his father in the audience

Holland's Got Talent candidate surprises his father in the audience

After Noah took turns grabbing the jury with his words, he focused especially on his father. The young rapper wants to put him in the spotlight. “Ladies and gentlemen, today I brought someone into the room. It’s my dad and he’s helped me a lot with music. So Dad, this is for you.” Noah’s father was visibly surprised and did not expect it. He sits in front of his father and sings to him: “Dad, you help a lot. I am really grateful for your help. It doesn’t matter if you criticize, because the way you help me is a unique talent. (…) Dear Dad, I want to say thank you very much for what you did. For me. I love all those late nights.”

“How beautiful,” said the announcer, Jamai, after the performance about the surprise. Noah’s father is also impressed by his son’s action. Words let him down – because of emotion. “I didn’t expect it,” he says of Noah’s surprise. “I knew what he was going to do, but I didn’t know that part.” The rapper then explains why he put his father in the spotlight: “My parents are divorced, so I’m with my dad every weekend. Then we sit in the barn all weekend and then we work on music. We’re together and that’s a great job.”

Not only did Jamai like Noah’s performance, the jury is emotional, too. Chantal was already impressed by his rapping skills, but his father’s words made that acting so special, according to her: “That was really great on the cake. You did really well, but my mom and dad also have a very good product. Delivered here.”

After all the positive comments, Noah also managed to get a place in the final. .’s full broadcast Hollands Got Talent You can now have a look at Videoland.

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