The European Union is once again angry at Apple over USB-C on the iPhone 15

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Apple has had USB-C ports on some of its devices for some time now. And now the European Union company must introduce that with the iPhone 15. It will, however, the European Union is not happy again.

Although we are fans of Apple, one of the most annoying things the company does is keep finding a different connection. That’s why you’ve messed with different adapters, chargers, and cables in the past. This is a kind of change, but it still does not meet the requirements.

iPhone 15 USB-C chargers do not meet the requirements

So (according to strong rumors) Apple has done the trick by implementing USB-C on the iPhone 15. Everyone would be happy, you’d think, but not the EU. This is where the shoe pinches it: MfI.

MfI stands for “Made for iPhone”. This means that the electronic accessory is specifically designed to connect to your iPhone and iPad (and iPod, back in the day). Then Apple ensures that it meets the company’s performance standards.

Manufacturers pay a sum for this, which gives them access to certain parts and the tech giant’s technology from Cupertino. This is really ideal if you want to get the most out of your devices like the iPhone 15. However, it also has a drawback: Made for iPhone accessories from Apple are often quite expensive (those from third parties are still somewhat manageable).

iPhone USB-C
iPhone with a USB-C port, as required by the European Union. (Photo: Ken Pilonel, YouTube)

Nice try, Apple

This is absolute I do not gosaid the European Union. EU Commissioner for Industry Thierry Breton is closely watching articles related to the iPhone 15 and USB-C. So he wrote a letter to the company with a warning.

In it, he simply stated that it would be “inadmissible to restrict interaction with Chargers”. The Zeit article also mentioned that the EU Commission reminded Apple in March that “devices and cables that do not meet the requirements for a universal charger will not be approved in the EU market.”

EU rules are future music for Apple

There’s a good chance the tech giant isn’t too happy about this. But it’s not a big headache yet. This new rule won’t take effect until December 28, 2024. So iPhone 15, or maybe even 16, could get Made for iPhone USB-C. You can still use third-party chargers and cables, but the speed will likely be lower than a cable and charger from Apple itself.

After that, this is of course a guesswork, because a lot can happen in a year and a half. But either way, it’s an interesting game of cat and mouse.

The iPhone 15 gets USB-C, but Apple makes its own standard

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What about QuickCharge from Qualcomm? Some devices require a QC (3.0) charger or cable to charge at full speed. Is this according to EU guidelines?

bff. . .

Maybe the EU should start making its own iPhones.

Then they make sure it works for them.
what you enter.

The EU’s participation is woeful and somewhat selective and seems to aim more at financing the EU through fines.

In general, I understand that people want to protect consumers, but this does not contribute to this.
Consumers can still charge, but the speed is limited because Apple isn’t sure what type of charger to use.
This is the case with the MFI.

If a consumer does not like certain functions or limitations of a product, the consumer will not buy it, right?

But no, the European Union wants them to be able to do everything with these kinds of products. (Sideloading, another app store).

You can’t use the bonus card in Jumbo either. You also cannot hand over Lidl savings cards at another supermarket.
When will this be addressed?

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The European Union is once again angry at Apple over USB-C on the iPhone 15

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