British police: 52 people were arrested during Charles’ coronation

British police: 52 people were arrested during Charles' coronation

About 11,500 police officers were on the scene in London today. According to the police, there were indications that the protesters wanted to paint the monuments with paint and break down the barricades.

Graham Smith, the leader of the anti-monarchist group, the Republicans, was said to have been arrested. Banners reading “Not mine” were confiscated. Dozens of environmental activists have also been arrested.

criticism of the police

Human rights organizations criticized the actions of the police. Recently, a controversial law was quickly passed giving the English police more powers to counter protests.

British police in London this morning arrested six people who were protesting against the royal family before Charles’s coronation. According to the British media, Graham Smith was one of them.

The coronation ceremony concluded this afternoon with the traditional balcony view at Buckingham Palace, as King Charles and Queen Camilla waved to the crowd. Prince William and Princess Catherine and their children were also in attendance.

Prince Harry was not there as previously announced. He left for the United States immediately after his father’s coronation, to celebrate his son Archie’s birthday. Prince Andrew was also not part of the balcony scene.

Windsor Castle

Tomorrow evening there will be a big concert at Windsor Castle, near London, to conclude the weekend with the coronation. Then perform such stars as Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. The number of spectators is expected to reach 20,000.

Watch the actual coronation of King Charles III in the video below:

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