Low incomes are taxed the most heavily for gas savings – Joop

Low incomes are taxed the most heavily for gas savings - Joop


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Above 800 cubic meters of gas, the gas tax rate is increased to achieve savings in gas use. Another Rutte IV climate plan puts the brunt on citizens with a small wallet.

They often live in poorly insulated homes and apartments, which means they simply cannot limit their current consumption due to high energy costs. The average gas consumption per household is much higher than the above limit of 800 cubic metres. Depending on the size and type of home this can be as low as 900m3 and can go up to over 1500m3.

Because the majority of low-income people are renters, this group cannot insulate their homes or install solar panels themselves.

Many seniors also fall into the aforementioned group of citizens who have a small wallet. Due to chronic diseases and other health problems, they cannot always turn off the heating without harming their health.

The proposal to increase the tax rate even with the consumption of 800 cubic meters of gas automatically means that the lowest income will be subject to penalties and taxes more. Without any effect of reducing their gas consumption through appropriate sustainable insulation measures.

This strange suggestion from Rutte IV should therefore be withdrawn immediately and replaced by a more effective one. Priority is given to the compulsory improvement of poorly segregated rental properties at the expense of the owners of those rental properties. Under penalty of not being able to index the rent automatically each year. As long as these homes have not undergone sustainable energy efficient improvements.

This prevents a great deal of unrest among citizens who are already afflicted even on average incomes and also prevents low-income people from bearing the brunt of the government’s energy and climate management.

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