The end of the yes-no stickers on the letterbox: a digital system on the way

The end of the yes-no stickers on the letterbox: a digital system on the way

Each family will soon receive a card containing, among other things, a QR code that indicates a site where you can edit your preferences online or over the phone. For those who do nothing, the situation will remain as it is now, because the senders of folders will first write which addresses have a label and which do not.

a challenge

new system InMyBus It represents a challenge to the nearly 40,000 volume delivery programs in the Netherlands. They will soon have to check private walking lists or in an app they are allowed to deliver printed materials to and where not.

“This way, we want to keep the folders for the future,” says Thomas Hopman, president of MailDB, the trade association that issues current letterbox labels. According to Hopman, one in three households now indicates by means of a poster that they do not want the brochures. It is believed that this number will only increase if nothing changes. There are also many municipalities that have changed things. There, only people with a special yes label receive untitled advertising material.

modern alternative

“In practice, many families find having a ‘hassle’ label or sticking a label on the letter box. It’s time for a more modern alternative,” Hopman says.

From April this year, trials will first take place in different neighborhoods of the country. The first cities will then be moved next summer, and the whole of Holland will be finished by next year.

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