‘KLM takes action after 5G launch in US’

'KLM takes action after 5G launch in US'

Following the US plan to launch the 5G network this week, several major carriers are taking action.

KLM is reported to use only Boeing 777s on the Amsterdam-Washington-Dallas-Atlanta route. Other places that are very important to the community Recovery Due to the Corona crisis, the KLM could fly with the Dreamliner or the Airbus A330. All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and Korean Airlines indicate that they use another aircraft. Another option is to cancel flights.

5G is expected because Emirates is actually (temporarily) canceling a large number of routes. Dubai-New York John F. The plane only flies between Kennedy Airport, Washington Dallas International Airport and Los Angeles Airport. In addition, Air India is canceling Four ways. The company is now based in John F. New York, New Delhi. No departure for Kennedy Airport, San Francisco Airport and Chicago O’Hare Airport. The Mumbai-New York Newark route has also been (temporarily) closed.

5G Can cause danger

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned Many times For the possible effects of the introduction of 5G on aviation security. Networks are due to be released today (Wednesday, edition), but telecom providers AT&T and Verizon seem to have postponed it. The aviation sector has warned that the launch of the new network could cause a major crisis.

5G will affect the electronic systems in the aircraft. In the United States, frequency 3,700 to 3,980MHz. Since it is close to 4,200 MHz it can cause disturbances. Among other things, the radio altimeter, a device that determines when a machine is very close to the ground, can be disturbed by the network. However, its influence is not yet certain, but if there really is a deviation, for example, it means that the height can no longer be accurately determined when a machine lands with poor visibility.

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