Johann Derricksen finished Angela de Jong’s “Hetze” against John de Mol

Johann Derricksen finished Angela de Jong's "Hetze" against John de Mol

Angela’s latest column is going the wrong way with Johann. “Look, I’ve been watching Wilders today and he has an obsession with Islam. And Angela de Jong has an obsession with the De Mol family, because when I read her columns – and I love to read them, because they are so important for AD – everything John de Mol does is not good,” he says. Sixth day.

Johan thinks Angela’s criticism of John is starting to sound like a smear campaign. By the way, John’s Talpa was announced recently ad for Angela County. “What do I blame her: I read today that sexual harassment is the lubricant for TV commercials, I did it that way. Well, here we are: I’m 24 and you are under 2 years old, but I’ve never had any sexual harassment observed.”

In general, Johan thinks Angela criticizes John a lot. “Yeah, I think it gets sick. She sat with us once when you still had that horrible talk show, and then she also said that John de Mol was involved with the whole thing.”

On Monday, HLF8 started again, the talk show Johnny De Mol. Of course he had to talk about the abuses around him Holland soundinvolving his family. Of course, his father John invented the software years ago. And it turned out that the “unclear” Jeroen Rittbergen was guilty of sexual misconduct.

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