March 24, 2023

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The discovery of a mysterious "door" on the surface of Mars  abroad

The discovery of a mysterious “door” on the surface of Mars abroad

NASA shared the adorable photo on Twitter this week. Then there was a lot of speculation on social media. Do Martians live here? Is this evidence of extraterrestrial life?

The text continues below the tweet.


The US space agency has not yet provided an explanation for the remarkable “entrance”. For example, it is not clear how big the opening actually is and what caused this.

British science journalist Mick West posted a larger picture of the rocks on Twitter, giving you more context. This shows, for example, that the hallway is in fact not large at all. The ‘door’ on Mars is from a different angle, less impressive,” West said.

The Independent also has a statement, which sounds more believable than alien life. The amazing rock formations are supposed to have been created by earthquakes, causing a piece of the rock to break. NASA has already measured several earthquakes on the Red Planet. For example, last week the planet experienced its deadliest shock ever.

It is still not clear how the vibrations are generated, more research should clarify this.

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