Brussels police stop forbidding Wilders to walk | the interior

Brussels police stop forbidding Wilders to walk |  the interior

Reporter Alexander Bakker was present in Brussels, and read his live report at the bottom of this letter.

Both politicians want to look at the “Islamization” of Brussels’ neighborhoods. Several mayors bar the duo from entering.

At first, the two far-right politicians were going to the notorious Molenbeek, but at the last moment the left-wing mayor decided to ban the march. According to the Flemish media, for fear of unrest. Police arrested activists who wanted to protest Wilders’ arrival. They will be searched and have to identify themselves.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders reacts sharply during a press conference in the Flemish Parliament: “Molenbeek has become a caliphate, an Islamic place, and a no-go area for parliamentarians like me.”

Host Dewinter describes it as a disgrace: “Wilders is clearly persona non grata in this city. Mayors act like young imams who issue fatwas.”

Wilders and Dewinter returned to the Flemish Parliament on foot.

The municipality of Molenbeek could not be reached for comment. Vlaams Belang will appeal the mayor’s decision to the State Council. Five years ago, the duo also wanted to go on an “Islamic safari” in the neighborhood that became famous when suspects in Islamist attacks in Paris and Brussels took refuge there. Until then walking was forbidden. The judge eventually agreed with the politicians, but due to the Corona crisis, a visit was not imminent.

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