Sidney Crosby injury update: The Penguins won’t play in Game Six

Sidney Crosby injury update: The Penguins won't play in Game Six
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Pittsburgh penguins captain Sidney Crosby Ice left early during match 5 against New York Rangers After sustaining a head injury, Wednesday, at the hands of defender Jacob Troba. He missed most of the second half and all of the third inning in the Penguins’ loss.

The team announced on Friday that Crosby will miss the entirety of Game 6.

The day before, Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan announced that Crosby had been diagnosed with an upper body injury.

The incident occurred at 10:45 BST in the second period as Crosby had the discus and three defenders close to him. defenseman Jacob Troup He hit Crosby’s face with his left arm, causing Crosby to fall. Instead of chasing the disc again, sprint toward the seat.

At that point, the penguins were up 2-0. The midfield tried to continue the match but then headed to the locker room with 5:43 left in the second half. No longer for the third.

New York came from behind and finished the night with a 5-3 win to avoid disqualification, although the Penguins still had a 3-2 lead in the series.

Crosby has a long history of concussions. He missed a total of 108 games from 2010 to 2012, then six more during the 2016-17 season. However, the consequences of Wednesday’s strike are not yet known.

Sullivan was asked about the incident during the post-match press conference and whether he felt Truba did it on purpose. He had little to say about it, and responded in an intangible manner.

“Did you see the hit? You probably have the same opinion as I do,” Sullivan said.

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