The ChristenUnie coalition wants to test everyone instead of 2G politics

The ChristenUnie coalition wants to test everyone instead of 2G politics

ChristenUnie has major objections in principle to the government’s proposal to pass on 2G access, where unvaccinated people can no longer receive a QR code. Instead, the party wants everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, to be tested for a QR code.

Without the support of the Alliance party, it would be very doubtful whether there would be a majority for the 2G proposal. Including CDA, GroenLinks and PvdA still doubts about the measure.

Prevent further polarization

The Cabinet said Friday that it is working on a law to ban unvaccinated people from places where the risk of infection is greatest, such as full bars, festivals and events. According to Representative Christinoni Miriam Becker, this measure leads to a very large split in society between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

She said that the proposed Corona measures were moving “toward coercion.” news hour. “Let’s prevent further polarization.” She also believes that a second generation policy will not increase willingness to vaccinate.


The party comes up with an alternative: the 1G policy. For “high-risk” settings and larger events, such as a soccer match, everyone, including people who have been vaccinated or cured of COVID-19, should get a PCR test. “You know very well when you are going to an event, and then you can test yourself,” Becker says. For example, it is enough to take a quick test to visit a cafe or restaurant.

Baker: “I think it is important that we maintain access for everyone, but above all also reduce infections. And then it is very good to test everyone. This is a policy without loopholes and we can protect each other better.”

ChristenUnie also has strong objections to Corona ticket at work. Baker advocates a 1G policy for workplaces where it is difficult to maintain distance. “You can create a quick test street at such a location.”

The party, which is now negotiating the Ruti 4 government in its formation with VVD and D66, was also the only coalition partner to vote against the introduction of the Corona Corridor.

Cabinet leaves the choice to the business

Incidentally, entrepreneurs can choose within the Cabinet’s 2G plan whether they want to introduce the procedure into their business or whether they also find the test negative enough. With 3G, everyone has to sit in a fixed place and people are not allowed to dance or stand at the bar.

Outgoing Minister Hugo de Jong (Public Health) understands the dilemma of choosing between 2G or 3G. “But if we can keep the cafe open for a longer period or allow the festival to continue with 2G, our job is to make that choice,” De Jonge said earlier. Critics believe that you cannot leave this choice to entrepreneurs, but politicians must decide on it.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will discuss the new Corona measures.

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