The Amsterdam Council does not want the Dutch flag, but wants to support the ‘BOA Veil’ | the interior

The Amsterdam Council does not want the Dutch flag, but wants to support the 'BOA Veil' |  the interior

Group President Will van Soest presented the flag’s proposal during Wednesday’s budget discussion. This caused sighs and eyes to recede among the fellow council members in the hall. Others have stated on social media that the Dutch flag is already flying at City Hall. D66 councilman Jean-Pert Frogy wrote on Twitter: “Flags belong out, white, red and blue fly on City Hall next to the EU flag and the city flag every day…”

Will van Soost is disappointed that her movement did not pass. Amsterdam cries where you once laughed. The beautiful and free city of yesterday chose a veil for the Bois, but voted against the Dutch flag in the council chamber. Fortunately, the elections are on the horizon. “There’s really just something to choose from,” says Will van Suest.

Excellent in the air

After a movement of DENK around the BOA veil, the thumb soared into the air. The party is asking the council to investigate whether the (prospective) boas need an “upgrade” to the uniform which, according to the party, is now “non-exhaustive”. According to the party, people who cover their heads for religious reasons are especially excluded in the current dress. Not only those who wear headscarves, but also those who wear turbans and men who wear head coverings.

“Two options from this council: Islamization of uniforms and rejection of the Dutch flag. “It sounds like a detail, but it is very worrying in the secular capital of the Netherlands,” said JA21 faction leader Annabelle Nanninga. “If I am cynical: the Netherlands can better spend these billions on Amsterdam, make The Hague the capital, and Amsterdam can become a republic, as Ollongren wanted, and try to arrange money from the Gulf states. In any case, we of course do not give up, we wish the unions resist against the veil “.

Dutch Boa Bond reacted by surprise to the move earlier in Telegraaf. According to the chairman of the board, Rod Quinn, this issue does not concern law enforcers at all. He said he received no complaints or signals from his “very diverse base.”

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