Martin Fondse New Composer Award Winner

Martin Fondse New Composer Award Winner

Pianist, composer and conductor Martin Fondi received the New Composer Award. According to the jury, the 54-year-old Fondse is “a versatile centipede, capable of reaching and winning a wide target group with his configurations and personality.”

In recent years, Fondse has led various bands as a vibrant pianist and vocalist. His compositions consist of a mixture of different styles, such as pop, jazz, classical and modern dance.

Furthermore, Fondse has composed and arranged, among others, Gregory Porter, Metropole Orchestra, Christina Branco and Basement Jaxx. He has been honored several times for his work. He received an Edison Award in 2012 and a Boy Edgar Award in 2017.

The award-winning composer’s jury praised Fondse’s humorous style and described him as a true musical conductor. Martin works with the most diverse cultural music backgrounds across disciplines without losing his identity.


Fondse is the fourth composer award winner, a position in 2014 Created by music copyright organization Buma Cultuur. The former pianist was Calliope Tsubaki.

The intent is that the laureate, as figurehead of contemporary Dutch music, will respond to developments in society for two years through his own compositions. Fondse already knows what his starting point will be: curiosity. “Look beyond at first sight. There is always something valuable, important and surprising right around the corner.”

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