The biggest surprise “Kameleon Karsu” is the best singer this season

The biggest surprise "Kameleon Karsu" is the best singer this season

Karsu amazes everyone with the famous song, which is about the desire of a singer who goes to Los Angeles to make it happen, but encounters all kinds of obstacles and eventually returns home again. “We have a very special profession and we worked hard for it, but a lot of people didn’t succeed either,” the singer says.

This isn’t the first time Carso has managed to get her attention. Week after week, the singer brings the most diverse songs. Broadcaster Jan Smit doesn’t compare her to a chameleon for nothing. Alides must be thinking of something – or rather someone else -: “It’s just silly Amy Winehouse!”

Usually artists go to Ibiza, but this year the recordings took place on a farm in southern Limburg. With Jan Smit as host, the singers show and listen especially to what they have in terms of musical qualities and the beautiful stories that arise on the couch. In the cozy living room atmosphere known on the show, the singers sing, listen and watch each other’s beautiful and touching performances.

Many artists from previous seasons of the show got their big break thanks to Dear singers. The most famous example of this is probably the singer Davina Michel, who achieved huge success with her cover of “It Takes Too Long” for Glen Faria. Glenys Grace, Andre Hazes, Jr., Tino Martin, and Emma Hesters are widely known for the show.

Dear singers See you every Thursday evening at 8.35pm at NPO1. Last week Bill Perez was already put in the spotlight.

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